First sp-140 student

He hasn’t flown it yet for not having any PPG experience but is a P2 paragliding graduate with many tow flights under his wing. He went through the assembly procedure. Learn his moves to get the machine onto his back from the ground (knees, forearms, one foot forward, etc…) He has the heavier 1 hour battery. Then walked around with the SP on his back but without powering it. After a few minutes of that, he powered it but stayed at the same spot before eventually making his first steps while accelerating a bit to get used to the sensation.
Him and his new toy - no video yet - only two photos:

A friend of mine only teaches PPG and we share the same fields. All his piston-heads students were VERY curious about it and one actually asked my student if he could put it on his back😆


First flight with SP140 this morning : wonderful ! Stunning !
It’s like soaring with a PG, but you can go where you want !
Strong trust ! Easy to take off.