First flight with my X4

I finally did it my first flights with the X4 !
It was a long time since I flew Paramotor en Man did it feel like the future with the 4 electric props !
I know my launch looks silly as I was leaning too much forward Bad habit from gliding + I need to get used to the trottle response after the flight i had more feeling with it.
I was a bit disappointed with the actual prop time, and they’re my question;

which indicator you guys use to check the battery status when you guys are heading for landing ?

Now i was looking for 45V to land, But this came rather quickly.

I’m looking The fly it with Parragliders so you can also enjoy a nice glide after you gain some altitude, here are used my ozone ultralight 4 as it is a very stable wing and also relatively fast, I also have a gradient Montana, and a dudek nucleon (gliding is not an option with this one)

Which gliders, do you guys use & recommend ?

Someone has a nice DC charger for the batteries (would be more efficient for a mobile home)

Looking forward to your replies

Sadly flight time is not the X4’s strength. I watch the clock and shoot for 10-12 min flights with two pair of 6S bonkas or 15-18mins with three pairs. This leaves some power in the batteries for a go around and I’m not charging to 100% lately I’ve also been watching voltage but i know that will drop sharply at the end. You’re probably using 7S batteries which might give you a bit more time.

Welcome to Breakthrough Battery Tech Watchers Anonymous. :smile: Seriously the X4 is an absolute joy to own and operate. Hopefully soon there will be a leap in battery energy so we can operate more.


Hi! I asked myself the exact same questions and there are some answers in this post :

Enjoy every flight!

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The unfortunate thing is that a single larger propeller will always be more efficient, thus the focus on the SP140


Hi Siems,Pedro here …i hear afrikaans commentary on the video.Where are you based ?I am from Johannesburg.Would like to chat regarding your X4 and how you bought it.Have a keen interest in the X4.Thank you Pedro.

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Hey Pedro, that is not African but Dutch, I bought it here on the platform from a Dutchman, a fully finished package so I did not have to go through all the shipping etc

I love this particular system for torque becomes a no issue.
I wonder if anybody has tried this x4 configuration on a light trike.
A 30 minute X4 that can lift a 95 Kg pilot plus wheels would make my day.

I personally don’t have a trike, so I can’t say.
In this threat there was a person planning to do so;