First flight SP-140

I purchased the open ppg SP-140 in March. This is my first flight. It’s not pretty, but it was successful. I learned to fly paraglider 20 years ago and flew for about 7 years, I have over 100 hours of flight time with around 400 launches and landings.


Congrats on the first flight, Jim! I had my first PPG flight on my SP140 as well, though I was just new all around and not an experienced paraglider. :smiley:

Cheers to many more easy flights.

Thanks, and congrats on your first flight as well. I agree. Some things felt familiar, but so much felt completely new.

Way to go, Jim!! Every time I fly a new motor or a new wing, I tend to over think it and make myself a bit nervous.:wink: You did great!:+1::+1:

Great job for an old timer, showing the young ones up​:heart_eyes::+1: