Fb group for us owners

For those of us that prefer FB which is easier to use for me.

Paul/Zach…let me know if you guys are cool with this.

I don’t use Facebook so i can’t be of much help there, but other then that is a free country lol.


Okay…maybe we just send people here with major issues…

On a side not …I am about to post a video…can you look at it and give me ideas on how to mount to my trike?

I don’t use FB either. Sorry. Bill

For those not on FB, I created an alternative group on MeWe.

You’re obviously welcome to create whatever groups you want but the whole point of this community is for owners and potential owners to discuss electric paramotors (mostly OpenPPG). So I guess I don’t see the big advantage of also having something split out to Facebook, Discord, telegram etc.

If you think we are missing something here, (maybe an sp140 specific category), then we are open to discussing that.

Like Paul said, we at OpenPPG are already spread pretty thin so we won’t be able to monitor Facebook as well as here, emails, phones, etc.
Also Facebook isn’t exactly “open” these days and we want to be as inclusive as possible here. Hope that makes sense!


For me …it is just the difficulty of working with the site…FB or MeWe is just a much easier Interface for me.

Options for an Openppg app maybe?

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If you’re on mobile you can get it pretty closed to an app.
You can save the site shortcut to your home screen and it will do some fancy caching to make loading a bit faster.
Also you can get notifications through the browser (at least on Android) by going to your user preferences and enable it like in the pic below

An xp140 specific category seems to make sense. Maybe an x4 specific category to match. What’s in the future for the x4? Is it still selling wel enough to warrant further development? Or will the xp140 eclipse it? Time will tell I guess.

I do not use FB to correspond with others. The OpenPPG site works well and is easy to navigate, at least in my case. It is mostly about OpenPPG, even though other pilots with various e-PPG can butt in but I would prefer keeping the OpenPPG community as tight a platform as possible. It is easier for Paul and Zach to respond to us when needed and feed us with updates or recommendations. Mixing the X4 and SP-140 feeds on the OpenPPG site is fine with me. Type what you want to know about in the search box.