Fault alarm on BMS app while charging

I am getting a fault alarm on my app while charging (picture below). Is this a problem? or an error?

2nd question: How do I change the max voltage on the app to charge it from discharged (just after flying) to a storage level of 86v?

For the second question: How to charge to a limit… It looks like I just change the limit from 100.8v to 86v and charge until it quits. Is this correct?

Those faults are just saying its at max charge and shutting down the input. To set a manual charge you can just change that to 86v then it will stop at that.

Thanks Paul; Good on the BMS software.

Flew it last night for first time. Everything worked well. It’s going to take some time to get used to the light throttle! Do you know if anyone has opened that controller up and added a stiffer spring inside?