Extra batteries for SP140?

Are you going to have any extra batteries available for purchase on this SP140 run? I ordered the 30 min with my SP140 and would like to additionally purchase the 1 hour (4KW) battery. Is there a way to do this?

Remember to contact them for the discount. :slight_smile:


Curious, what made you decide to get a 30 min battery?

I wanted to start with the lightest configuration possible. I fly a Nitro 200 for that reason. A lot of my flights are short. I thought if the weight wasn’t an issue I could get the 60 min battery later and have one on the charger while I fly.

I’m flying a Nitro 200 as well. Hoping I can modify my carrier to fit the SP140. I believe SP140 uses an Air Conception frame, maybe the width at least will be the same.

I fly an Air ConceptionTornado 280 and have the carrier from Aviator as well. I believe it will be easy to adapt the carrier for the 140. Also, with the large battery, the weight will be similar to the Tornado with my usual 7L fuel load…but the weight should be closer to my back which should make it a bit more comfortable. I’m thinking about a second battery too…probably the large. Good things are worth waiting for!!! Bill

Beach flying only and walking/running in soft sand is a pain. The lighter the better. Less weight is also a plus for soaring (ridge lift in my case) with motor(s) off (X4) Batch2. I got used to having 20mn flights so, 30mn will be a big improvement😆 an I don’t need to fly more than that. I fly with a bunch of gas pilots at the beach and they, on average, never fly over 30mn even if they could fill up their tank to cruise for two hours.


Is it possible to wire the X4 to use the SP140 battery? I believe the SP140 battery is around 100 volts. Can ESCs be wired in series? Or how hard would it be to rewire the XP140 battery for half voltage?

100.8 volt max, 86.4v nominal, and ~67.2v minimum

As you mentioned, the SP140 runs at about twice the voltage as the X4. Trying to rewire the SP140 battery would be very difficult and fairly dangerous as you would need to replace the BMS and basically cut the battery pack in two and try and wire the two sections to be in parallel.

A also running brushless ESCs in series would not end well.

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Figured it was wishful thinking. :confused:

Man I wish there was a place that would build a battery pack like that for the X4. The 4 kwh SP140 pack is the same as flying with 8 bonkas, and so much more convenient.

Anyone know of a light 100V/50V transformer? :slight_smile: (just joking)

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That was my thought for sure. Haven’t flown with all eight bonkas yet. I do a lot of plugging and unplugging.

You could always build your own.

Funny, I have no problem working on the unit. But I have absolutely no desire to build a li-ion pack.

Anyone know of a good battery fabricator?

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Been considering that pretty hard but…

… with ya.

We may have to just do it. A li-ion pack will be less money, more convenient, and last more cycles than the Bonkas. Just gotta find one or build one or have one built…

We all know someone ideally suited and well positioned to eventually undertake this effort!

It’s really not that hard. Just requires a little bit of ingenuity, basic knowledge of electricity, and patience.

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Somewhat ironically, I’ve discovered E-one Moli Energy Canada has a facility about two hours from where I live. I don’t think you can buy retail direct from them though. Might be fun to… ahem, drop in on them.

That would be interested just to see how they do it.

this may be well known but mgm does custom packs

Lithium battery systems for industrial applications