Expected DIY skill(s) needed to assemble a kit?

What sorts of skills do you expect will be needed to assemble a purchased kit? Are we just talking a lot of screwing and snapping, or things like soldering, and firmware reprogramming?

Its designed to be easy to assemble and replace parts, so it’s pretty simple. For the DIY kits, you can basically assemble the whole thing with an Allen wrench. Some basic soldering is required. There also will be the option to get a ready to fly unit just plug in the batteries and you are ready to go. No firmware programming is required for either option. The kits are realy easy to asembel all the parts a ready to go you dont need to cut or make any thing your self its mostly just snapinf and boltiong togerther.


I guess this is already answered in this post but if we buy the “fully ready to fly kit” we wont need to solder anything?

Is there any plans on how the cables will be wired on the frame? (Will they hang loose etc…)

No soldering with the fully assembled kit. Not sure what “Will they hang loose etc” means but "wires will be secure.

What I mean is a question I received from our association regarding the cables from the motors to the batteries on how they will be mounted, If they will be attached to the frame, Hidden away (Like inside the frame) or if they will hang “loose” from from battery to the cable (and not attached)

Most all wiring will be concealed inside the frame. Only the 3 motor wires will be visible but can be secured down with the slots for zip ties or conduit cover.

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Sounds awesome! I have a good amount of electrical experience but not so much on the mechanical / fabrication side.