Eric Dufour on E-Skycart1 w SP140

Memorial week, veteran Paramoteur, Éric Dufour of Paratour/Skycart built and tested the electric version of his Skycart for me while training me on his ICE Skycart. IMHO, it was a great job on both counts and well worth the trip to Florida. Thank you Eric, and thank you Paul for your support. The cart with single 4kw battery weighed 161 lbs. and payload was 195 lbs. (Eric+30 lb. weight) Next week we will try with two batteries. We tested with a 34m Triox and another 28m wing and got about 32 and 37 min from 95% to 5% remaining charge. Coming days we will try with both 4kw batteries.
Here are picture / video.
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Good for you Asim!
You found the right pilot to help you get your trike in the air!!
Please keep the info coming,

Very nice :+1:
Looks like you could fit 4 in there? Not sure about the wing loading though?
Looking forward to hear about he 2 pack flight time. I think I would need 2 packs for my Flexwing to get some relevant time to do some circuit practice with a few TO’s.

Yes, but I was thinking of rearranging them lower under seat like Thomas (Bratwurst) has. Actually Ozone Triox 34 is a tandem trike wing rated for 130-320 kg! At current battery technology, yes you would need two or even three. But things are changing fast!
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Yes, he is an icon. I feel lucky to train with him, your compadre!

So you did 7 min and 40% left in battery?

When he started the throttle showed 40% charge, he landed when engine shut off at approx. 5%. Batteries were barely warm to touch (lower end). After a few minutes the throttle showed 11%). Next week, I will be going to Florida again to complete my training and pick up my trike. If you want any particular test run, I will be happy to do it.