Ergonomic frame

Good Morning.
I’ve seen this frame:


Can be a good idea?


I have just requested information on pricing and shipping, including just the frame. I will post if/when I receive it. I am still shopping diligently for an answer to my flight quest.

Interesting – I wonder how much different it feels to have a 1/2 tank of gas sloshing around attached to ones ass compared to the frame. Checking fuel level should be easier! :grin:


Hello Rusin, I currently only export the frame complete. Locally sourcing of New Moster 185 (with prop and throttle) is required. This has the advantage of reducing dangerous goods shipping from NZ and helps with logistics if requiring engine parts and engine warranty issues etc. The engine bolt on is straight forward. The price is currently around US$3590 including an approximation on international shipping (but not including any import taxes/duty if applicable etc.)

Locally sourcing a gas strut for around US$50? is also optional to bring frame up to the same spec as NZ frames. (Another dangerous goods limitation) This is not imperative as a spring strut is supplied to suffice.

If you are interested I will provide an accurate quote.

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