Eppg thermal flying meeting october 2021 [Germany]

At the end of October the meeting takes place for all those who fly with electro ppg active thermals. the terrain fits very well for it. it has a height difference of around 300 meters, slight hills and many southern flanks along the danube. whoever wants to participate can contact me.

The prerequisite is a valid license, liability insurance, and the EPPG must be quiet, the maximum speed limit for 125 to 130 propellers is set at 2300 rpm. 140 cm at 2200 rpm.

the minimum height of 150 meters must also be observed everywhere. there will be other eppg events in the coming months.



Where the location will be
I have small ePPG with 30" prop this may be little noisy but it has endurance

along the " donau " germany- bavaria / austria.

the pilot has to gain a total of at least 700 meters in altitude. and can start on the meadow and continue to climb with at least 1 m / sec. as a security reserve. loud eppg are not accepted because we take great care of our fellow human beings.

Curious what kind of lapse rate do you need to thermal a EPPG given the added weight of the kit? What size wings are you guys using and what percentage are you over the free flying weight of your gliders?

Most fly a wing 1 size larger than usual on the mountain when flying freely. but there are also absolute professionals such as. armin harich he flies with one wing as usual on the mountain with eppg thermal (e-walk) for several hours in thermal. The most important thing is a good EPPG for this - classic design frames do not work or work very little. it is simply due to the huge resistance of a classic ppg frame as well as the sitting position which slows you down very much and doesn’t make you feel good about thermals.

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