Electric vs gas comparison?

Would this 150 CC electric motor replace a 150 CC gas motor?


I think the cc rating is a carry over from the ice so that the people in the hobby have an easier time understanding going from an ice motor to electric… But I do not think it is an accurate comparison.
I even found articles stating cc ratings from one ice to another are meaningless for power comparison so how could it be used for ice to electric comparison!?

Yes, I know that the thread is stale, but just in case someone else comes along eventually:

Rather that trying to compare cc, which is rather difficult and a bit of an apples/oranges thing, compare the watts. 750 watts approximates 1 hp. Ergo, the claimed 9800 watts of that motor is equivalent to approximately 13 hp.

Hope this helps someone some day…

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a 13 hp petrol engine has about 30 nm torque at top speed through the gearbox to the propeller. therefore you can fly with it. a 9800 watt motor has the torque to power a model airplane well for a short time. the continuous power of 3 kw is not enough to transport people with it. It also brings a gearbox on the 150cc engine nothing since the continuous power only 1/3 of the fake information corresponds.

What is the 3kw continuous power that you are referring to?

He is saying that the motor can only run at 3kW continuously or it will overheat.

I think there is even better parameter for comparison - a static thrust. This is a complete, overall performance describing parameter. There is a particular thrust needed depenting on pilot’s weight and flight setup. This cannot be tricked. If I need 65 kg of thrust then I need them and there’s no way around it no matter what.
Talking about EPPG, it is important to mention what is the NOMINAL regime along with the thrust rate. For example, if the EPPG can produce 65 kg of thrust at a nominal regime, it means this amount thrust can be produced and maintained endlessly, without overheating. It is not fair to compare EPPG and ICE only by thrust produced without mentioning the regime! What is the use of the EPPG having 65 kg of thrust for 30…60 seconds and then burnt motor?
If EPPG has less NOMINAL static thrust and the maximum thrust is limited, then it have to be mentioned in the specs.

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