Electric paramotor throttle

Hi all,
Taking inspiration from you all, I am trying to source a throttle for my electric paramotor.
I have seen some on the internet that seem horribly expensive. I have also seen some that are cordless !
Will somebody give me some advice which way to go i.e. cordless or corded ?
Conclusively something that is tried and trusted, is value for money .
thanks all

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Most of the designs have used a wired throttle because

(1) wireless is often unreliable (but wires also fray… I don’t know of an empirical study on likelihood of intermittent or sustained connection failure in the air), and

(2) you don’t want to drop it, so you need some sort of wire/attachment anyhow (but maybe much shorter and more convenient than a wire all the way to the controller board).

@Pdwhite I couldn’t find a throttle replacement … or any electronics … at https://openppg.com/product-category/parts/ … there was a throttle strap, but not the controller itself.

If this is correct (and relates to not ordering extras in the first place), then it would probably be good to alert people when you’re making another batch, so they can order spare parts then.

Alternatively, have the parts page at least link to the schematics and such for do-it-yourself repair/replacement.

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