Electric paramotor crash at soccer game

Idiot protesting at soccer match in Germany. Was flying electric paramotor, doesn’t look like an openppg from pics I can find on news sites. Guy is lucky to walk away from this unscathed but flying debris sadly I injured two bystanders.

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so this went terribly wrong, but I can’t deny the good cause behind it.

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I, on the other hand, can well and thoroughly decry the idiocy of demonizing the use of fossil fuels or the companies that produce machinery to extract needed energy from them. One can pursue sanctions that encourage them to maximize efficiency and minimize polluting by-products, but this stunt fails to do either. One may encourage alternative energy methodologies as strongly as possible, but unless and until they can meet humankind’s current energy needs, they cannot replace current methods. They also are not pollution free, because of the methods and by-products of producing their machinery, such as batteries, collector panels, turbines, et al. Demonizing current fossil-fuel usage is merely inhumane and misanthropic, harming people gratuitously. The foolishness of doing so is well-illustrated by the folly of this pilot’s stunt.