Electric paramotor conversion kit for sale

For sale Gasoline paramotor electric conversion kit. You can buy either the electronic conversion system alone and provide your own frame, or I could probably sell you the frame with it. It is currently built to be mounted to a flat top frame and comes with the required hardware, but by drilling 4 holes it could be mounted to any frame. It comes with 4 multistar 6s 16,000mah batteries. One of them has a dead cell but the other 3 batteries are in good condition. This was one of the original prototype paramotors before Open PPG started selling them so I consider it part of “batch 0”. That is why it has different batteries, motors, and throttle than what is on all the production Open PPG paramotors. But it was made by Open PPG.

As For the price I was thinking $1500 for the conversion “kit” and probably $2500 if you want a brand new Flat Top frame to go with it. For now I think I will need to stick with pickup only. I live in Utah so you can get a general Idea of where I live.

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I really think that pot plant will cause too much parasitic drag but the drawers will be useful for mounting the batteries :wink:


Well if you want those it will cost extra :joy:

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