Electric on trike

Was wondering… i fly a Moster 185 on an Ozone Spyder 3 26 with a trike. I would buy the electric if i could fit it on a trike. The trike is small, look up Craft Trike, the smallest one, which can be dismantling in 10 minutes and put in a car. Is this doable?

Hey Steve,

Yep, it’s doable. Lots of discussions on it so I don’t want to start a new one unless you have specific questions.
Try searching for “trike” in the top right search button and you should be able to find people talking about this and showing off their trike.

Thanks, i will

Hi Steve I just googled craft trike on google it went to mobility scooters…lol. Do you have a specific brand name or link??. Ive just got an used sp140 and want to also put on a Trike seems theres quite a few of us and its a growing group.
Oh and how much is the craft trike?
THx Martin

Hi Martin,
Yes, it seems to be growing.
I do not have electric yet. I think they are upgrading their battery, that’s what it says on their site. So will have to wait I guess or buy ised somewhere.
I have the link, look-up kraftfloridappg
And Kraft sport c1 trike. That is the old verdios, with the bars on front. Those bars do not exist anymore, but the rest seems to be the same.

Forgot to add, i would like to keep my Scorpio frame, as it it very very solid. So would want to install the electric directly on the frame, and remove it I want to use y 185.
Unless the frame and cage for the electric can support trike use…i am a bit worried for its rigidity, that’s why the Scorpio.