Electric buzzard 11


Calming, but confusing. Were those constantly moving shadows something tied to the camera? And when I saw two of you, was that just a fade-in as you cut between different shots of the same scene?

The shadows came from the wind streamers. The camera was placed at the base of the pole planted in the sand purposely to get the effect with the help of the morning sun rising from the East - all planned that way.
My twin brother?:laughing: No… it is a long fade between cuts during editing. Two similar scenes overlapping one another with a few seconds delay - one fades away while the other gradually goes from zero to 100% opacity. Have a great day!

Do you have any videos of that home brew winch you were towing with the bicycle? Looks like a big ol’ direct drive bicycle hub bolted to a spool.


That’s pretty cool. Looks like you’ve left yourself the ability to mount another one to the other side for some dual-motor action. With some Statorade you can probably push 3kW per motor for launches.