Ebay Seller has a possible motor


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The motor you requested The factory has been developed and completed the test for you.
please see picture for test data of motor.

The test data basically meets your requirements:
Motor mode:mad m10 / 120kv
PROP: 22*10 inch
input voltage: 74v
max pull: 16kg fpr one motor

sample price:
motor: $279
free shipping

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you

That’s an expensive ESC…

74V, are you running 20S or something? At 12S (~50V, standard OPPG setup) that won’t put out 16kg on 22" and 120kV. Would need closer to 28" or 29". I believe the OPPG motors are 170kV.

100 Amps at 74 V

18S is about right.

I like the 100 A as opposed to 200 A.

170kV @ 48V = 8,160 rpm vs 7,201 for this motor

Nice! What’s the ESC? That’s what I’d be worried about in terms of reliability. I had a look into 18S and could only find the Alien ESCs but they don’t have the best reviews.

Pushing voltage up is always better, 3x6S 14Ah in series would approximately match the Wh/kg of the current system.

Standard M10 goes for $267 BTW