Dying for more videos!

is it just me or is anyone else craving more video footage.


Everyone is! But I’m sure when batch 2 gets delivered a lot of new videos will be posted

Going to put out some videos of just flying today.


Ooooh, good! … and delivery is likely just around the corner. Getting so excited!

As promised OpenPPG 22 Fun Flying and Update - YouTube


Lookin good!

With this, we have more evidence that 12S 3P (six Bonka’s) should give about 30 minutes of flight time at a weight under 60 lbs.

That flight time would be my goal, personally.

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Even just doing one set - nice light weight for students to get us to flying, do a circuit, come down, swap packs… just right

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This is one primary reason for getting this rig: Get in several light launches and landings without all the worry.


Nice Short film Paul, what’s the sound track? I do like a bit of saxophone :saxophone:

Hey All,
I met up with Nick A at the PAPPG flying field to get a look at his pre built OPPG Motor.
He was gracious enough to let me strap it on and run it up.
As I started to apply power, I got ready to use body English to counteract all the propeller forces.
There are none!!! (I am used to foot launching a FB Monster")
What a feeling that was!
The thrust comes on strong, and square, and solid across the center of your back.
The thumb throttle is a bit odd… But this “old dog” is willing to learn a new trick.
I am looking forward to the delivery of my Batch 3 Pre Built.
Fly Safe!


I am looking forward to this, seems more natural / logical
I am hoping that someone will be able to
design one that will wrap/hook around the brake tube in such a way that when u r holding the brake they seem like one piece but still seperate easily enough when not using brakes. Wish I had the brain to hand drawing capabilities to depict this

You want to attached the throttle to the break pulley? couldn’t you just attach them with velcro?

Not attached per say, semi attached but still secured to the hand when you let go of the brake. Trying to make if feel like one piece but separate. Maybe this model with thumb throttle will feel better than the one I have now using fingers so I won’t care.

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