Dying for more videos!


is it just me or is anyone else craving more video footage.


Everyone is! But I’m sure when batch 2 gets delivered a lot of new videos will be posted


Going to put out some videos of just flying today.


Ooooh, good! … and delivery is likely just around the corner. Getting so excited!


As promised https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSm94tQ0qDU&feature=youtu.be


Lookin good!

With this, we have more evidence that 12S 3P (six Bonka’s) should give about 30 minutes of flight time at a weight under 60 lbs.

That flight time would be my goal, personally.


Even just doing one set - nice light weight for students to get us to flying, do a circuit, come down, swap packs… just right


This is one primary reason for getting this rig: Get in several light launches and landings without all the worry.


Nice Short film Paul, what’s the sound track? I do like a bit of saxophone :saxophone: