Dust Cover for ESC and Throttle Plug support

The gaping hole in the side of the ESC freaked me out while carrying SP140 on the back of the car down dusty roads, so I created this dust cover. It also stabilizes the flimsy throttle plugs. It’s press fit between the mounting bolts of the ESC. It’s been solid through multiple flights, and the plugs would have to come out of their sockets for it to come off of the ESC, so it’s safe as far as I can see. Easily removable as well.

The files are here if you have a printer, I recommend PETG:

I’ll put them up on my web store if there is any interest… $20 shipped in the US sound reasonable? Print is about an hour.


Oooooo I like it!! I want one!!

Nice tight fit, works well.


Sent you a PM. I’m printing a few right now if anyone else wants one. $20 shipped in US.

Nice. But if it is that dusty, than maybe a large fabric dust cover is needed.

A cover for the entire harness and frame is impractical as it will make a giant drag chute while driving… and it’s pretty difficult to seal up the entire unit in a bag. BUT, I do use an Ozone Sombrero to cover the entire thing while it’s sitting out in the desert if i’m leaving it out all day while camping to keep the sun and dust off.

But I do put a cover around the motor. Took a draw string bag made of ripstop and sewed it the right size to fit tightly around the motor while driving. The ESC itself is otherwise pretty sealed up.


Okay… $10 shipped in the US if anyone needs one lemme know.

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The bag need to cover the amplifier behind the motor also.
Its an electrical component also. If it starts to raining while
Transporting outside your vehicle. Just saying.

Yes, if it’s raining I’d cover the whole thing… harness would be getting wet too :wink:

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Hey Paul
I didnt get the dust cover for the wire going into unit.w my whole package. Does that come with the controller?

If Paul doesn’t get back to you soon I’m happy to mail you one. I printed a few extra. Just let me know I can put it in the mail tomorrow.

Cool ill let you know
Thank you