Dudek Soft Links and Harnesses finally in

Some of you guys were wondering where to get the soft links so I ordered some and they are in.

Soft links- https://openppg.com/shop/paramotors/dudek-soft-links-pair-gooseneck-bar-to-wing/

Dudek Comfort Harness- https://openppg.com/shop/paramotors/dudek-paramotor-harness-power-seat-comfort-low/

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Hey Paul do you have the speedbar pulleys for the Apco split leg harnesses?

We dont have any in stock at the moment.

Ok can I add these soft links to my batch 3.5 order?

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Just a note: in general if you have another outstanding order we’ll try to save shipping by boxing the items together. You can purchase in separate orders and just put a note in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.