Dudek comfort and reserve?

For those with the Dudek Comfort harness, how did you set up your reserve chute? Do you have one off the side or do you have it in front? I’d kind of like to put mine bottom right but would like to see some examples or better ideas of what you have done.

I ordered mine directly from a Dudek dealer and got the option with it built in under the seat.

I didn’t know that was an option. What about the ones that we order with the kit?

I also ordered direct from dudek in Alberta but was not given any option for under the seat reserve. I have the side pocket reserve. Seems to be okay but would’ve preferred under the seat.

Hey Guys. I have the powerseat comfort from OpenPPG. I’m ready to order the Dudek Globe light 120 and would like to side mount it on the right side opposite my throttle hand. Does anyone know if the Globe case, link below, attaches neatly on the side of powerseat / X4?


Also I’ve yet to find a retailer that will ship to the US…maybe there isn’t one? ;-(

Dudek makes a reserve pocket that zips into the sides of the power seat like the regular utility pockets. I’ve got it in my rig. No regrets.

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Thanks Jeremy! is this it: https://www.dudek.eu/en/products/frontkontener-34.html

No, that’s something else. I can take a photo for you when i get home tomorrow

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Not sure where you are shopping from but this is it. https://skysportsusa.net/reserve-container-for-dudek-powerseat-comfort-harness-dudek/

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