Does anyone have a nice solution for storing SP140's cage & spar pieces?

I see a potentially suitable cage&spar bag, spar roll bag on American Paragliding but those are designed for a ~130cm cage so I am not positive they would fit the SP140’s parts.

Has anyone achieved some such solution?

The cage of the SP140 does fit in the regular AirConception Cage & Propeller bag, although it was designed for a 10cm smaller cages initially.


Have you seen any shops in the U.S. that stocks and sells these, or did you have it shipped from Europe?

I am in Europe, thus I bought it here.
You might want to check with the Airconception Dealers in the US if they have one in Stock and can ship locally.

Also I must correct my prior comment “it was designed for a 10cm smaller cages initially”. This seems to be wrong as 140 cm is now the default size for the Nitro frame.

Thank you! I’ll check with the U.S. dealers and see if I can find one.

This bag is a perfect fit for the SP-140 or the X4. It fits the hoop, prop, and telescopic wind streamer pole.

XOP-Xtreme Outdoor Products Tree Stand Transport System


Ah! That looks good! And a lot less expensive and easier to get than the Airconception bag. Thank you so much for posting this!

What are people using for poles and streamers?

This is the pole I use which fits nicely in the bow bag. For streamers I use the stuff you can buy on a roll at the hardware store that is an inch wide. 8 strands 12 feet long works perfect.

Premier Designs 19-ft. Flexible Pole

Thank you! That’s super helpful.