DKblock Open Source Custom 18650 Battery Packs

Open source system for building custom 18650 battery packs:

This looks promising for building ePPG batteries.

Here’s the spec sheet:

Each block is 2s10p. 100 Amp max current for 5 minutes or 35 Amp continuous. 7s3p DKblocks (420 cells) would weigh 58 pounds (plus bus bars) and could provide 105 Amps continuous (or 300 Amps for 5 minutes).

I like the design and the ease of reuse/reconfiguration, but it does not look like it would currently be feasible to use on this project.

Strange, i can’t find out where to buy these parts (PC board, etc…). Can anyone send some links ? Thanks.

I couldn’t find any of the parts for sale either, just the files to have your own run of boards manufactured. Since it’s open source, I bet we’ll see these for sale on AliExpress in six months to a year.

This type of building battery packs is certainly not for high current applications as we need.
It’s for low power stationary battery packs such as powerwalls. There are similar designs available/in use for powerwalls and even with low currents there are safety issues.
For high currents connections between individual cell(s) groups have to be as short and solid as possible: (spot)welded, no connectors and no electronics in between.