DIY Kobo Flight computer

Thought some might like to try and build this ( not my vid)

For those not so adventurous or time constrained could also purchase this ready to go from Fly360 – I trust this link as a purchased my last one(traded for something since ) from here

I was going to try and make my next one - I am thinking of ordering this GPS module(not the one in the vid) - I am not sure of the difference other than Vario capability trying to research GPS modules now for this project but if some knows something than let us know.


I don’t know much about kobo or the software it runs. However it does appear to be very interesting and I’d like to try it out sometime, especially for free flight.

I’m currently working on a project for the OpenPPG unit: a custom PCB for a battery cell monitor with built in altitude measuring capability. (More on the cell monitor later when I make a little more progress) but for the altitude measurements, I can’t decide if I want to use a pressure sensor or a GPS module. This altitude measurement will be displayed along with the lowest battery cell voltage on an OLED mounted to the gooseneck bar.

I have a lot of experience working with pressure sensors for my variometer project. So I figured it wouldn’t be hard to add features like that to this PCB I’ll be designing.

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This looks great, and I happen to have a Kobo lying around that I haven’t used since I got Kindle on my iPad mini! One question though, are the air maps only for US/Canada? I’m in Australia and there are lots of our group members dotted about all around the world.

Thanks for a really informative and well planned video. I’d feel able to follow your instructions and be fairly confident to get it right. I would build it with the altimeter / vario too as airspace altitudes are a bit variable, set from air pressure instruments.

Thanks, Paul

Not sure about maps.
Not my vid – just pointed it out.

No worries. I’ve copied the question to his YouTube comments


I found this doing a google search for LK8000 maps

Ripper! I could use Kingaroy or Queensland for where I’m flying. Thanks Pat, I’ll start collecting the parts together.


(PS, “Ripper” is Aussie for “Great” or “Awesome “)

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Great to hear
Keep us updated on how it turns out

These modified Kobos are quite popular in Germany, so I can confirm that there are maps available for whole of europe.

They are reduced maps for pilots, that show important landmarks such as highways, rivers, lakes, wind turbines, railroads and such.

You can even include airspaces.

Quite useful if you’re flying long distances in unknown areas.

Ok, I’ve ordered the parts. Got an email confirming delivery… within 60 days! I will report back when I build it, but don’t hold your breath :smile: