Diy - 3d-printed brushless motor

Hi there, do you think this motor would provide enough power?

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Here’s a few things to consider,
First thin is always heat. In this case, It depends on if you print with heat treated plastic(extra cost). The inside of this motor was printed with conductive plastic which again is a special plastic that would increase the cost. The Halbach array is nice but expensive. You are probably looking at $300-500 motor. Where as a lot of the DC motors that I believe would be used in this paramotor are around $150. I believe that what is being used for this paramotor are 50cc electric motors which have about 5k watts of total output. I don’t know how much this units weights, So that’s something else that we have no way of measuring for this project.

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Actually looking at the website a parts kit is only $95 and the file itself to print the parts is $15
magnetic PLA is $35/ 0.5Kg from matterhackers and since only the coil part needs to be printed you can easily do 4 with it. so with normal PLA for the housing $18 /kg which is more than enough.
your looking at under $120/motor.

I been 3D printing for about 5 years now. I haven’t printed a motor yet i’m fairly confident in my pricing estimate. I Mainly print in PLA.

My concern is the outside bell exploding under high speed. I’m not too sure how to calculate the inertial shear force in PLA but adding a metal ring would significant improve the structure.