DIY 18650 Best parts I've found so far

I normally build e-bike batteries and was interested to see if I can build a robust (for 300amps) 3 x 14s7p hooked up in parallel and then use them individually so I can use them for my e-bikes as well.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:
18650’s: - on sale for July2019 $630 for 200 of them!
3000mAh and 15A -> 30a peak up to 80c

connect them up with these:
Use copper terminal rings:

I use this to weld:

If I continue with this sport I’m going to attempt to build a 18650 battery.

Hope this helps someone


go for it, and let us know how it goes.

Myself and least one other person here on the forum has used the Malectrics Arduino/Car Battery Spot Welder on the 18650 project. Worked well for me.

That’s the best price I’ve seen on Sony vtc6. Make sure they are legit.

EV west is legit. Those are genuine batteries.

Nice! I like the concept of those copper strips.

I used that spot welder…worked well. They now supply better welding tips, I’ve got the previous type. One thing to note and don’t make a silly mistake as I did. When you assemble it, make sure the cooling fan is blowing into the unit, not out of, like I did (why?? :confused: ). The solder connecting the diodes melted as they got too hot. Once I found the error of my ways, they worked much cooler.