Differences between batches

Anyone know the differences between batches? Specifically between 4 and 3.2 (other than 7s vs 6s).

Hard to follow the changes between the batches.


The arm tips have a new stronger design. The main controller hub is different.

The folding arms lock in place with I think its GliderPilot’s 3d printed part rather than the aluminum part. (not sure if batch 4 made that standard) Very satisfying click, Id buy batch 4 just for that :wink:

Oh yeah! How did I forget that detail?! Anyone can download my files for previous batches and the rivet holes line up with existing holes. Batch 4 has rivet holes added just for the latches which are a little farther apart.

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@GliderPilot do you have all your files on a github account?
What 3D software did you use. My Batch 4 Latch was broken during shipping and I want to adapt the 3 mounting holes for the screws instead of the rivets.

I’ve only loaded my files to the forum. The hole pattern is lightly different for the batch 4 latch than my latch so I recommend getting that file from @Pdwhite