Datalogger for contest


it has nothing directly to do with this project. but maybe some are interested. In the picture you can see the data logger we use at the 1st International Electro Flight Competition in Austria. The pilot sees all the data in real-time in flight. he may consume only 1.5 kwh otherwise he gets points deduction. All data is stored on SD card and then connected to the software that has written my son. it’s about who in task 1 flies highest above ground. in task 2, it’s about who flies the longest (also connected to thermic if there is). The cockpit is more linguistic and my dream would be if there are more contests in the next years in the electric flight. Maybe my logger sytem this year already on a Utltralight meet for electro also for a small competition used. Best regards


That’s cool! What are you guys using for current sensing to get power levels?