Customer Feedback on China Motor Companies

Before I hit submit, I’m hoping to get any feedback, good or bad, from those that have made purchases. I’m looking at tmotor and mad-motor, but open to others. For example, a couple of red flags with tmotor:

-Their new store site is not leveraging SSL/TLS.
-Their site does not allow me to register an account (email) name with as the domain.
-I’m not able to purchase with Visa (for the consumer protection)

It feels like it’s not reputable or fake.


From someone who flies fpv drones, t-motor is one of the best of the best. They have some of the highest quality, top notch racing drone motors on the market. But from EPPG motor size motor standpoint, I have no idea.

I know that aviator ppg made a prototype using a T-motor. Maybe they would be willing to answer some of your questions.

I bought a M40 from mad-motor through alibaba a few months ago. The tracking number never worked, but it showed up a few week later.

Supposedly alibaba is like Amazon or Ebay where they have buyer protection and make sure you get what you paid for, so I might buy the motor through them. Whichever motor you decide to go with.


I am from China. I am a freshman with motor issues, so I could not help you too much.
However, I suggest that you could search for products that you need from this website:

It is also a subsidiary corporation of alibaba. For example, I find the store of t-motor from it:

But please be careful, some stores who named themselves as official ones are not authentic, such as some stores sell mad-motors.

Besides, you could also try to find an authorized store near you.

Hope these information above will help you.


We have been testing a Mad M40 50 kV motor. at 14 S the motor delivers about 5 kW… at 22S we measured 50 kG of thrust with a crude scale. Most of the higher voltage motors can run quite a bit hotter too. we have not been able to do a flight test on the MAD so we cannot say about the temp, although they say it can withstand 130 degrees (from memory). But motors should NOT get that hot… that’s just wasted energy. Another member has flown other MAD motors at 18S and think they are OK. I’m just not a fan of going above 15S. hope that helps…

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Bob27, Zmuleyu, and Pofries, Thank you for the advice. My Motor and ESC arrived today. The adventure begins.

Cool, what motor did you decide to go with?