Cross Country Magazine OpenPPG Exposure

All, Jeff Goin (USPPA) has written a couple articles about the ePPG’s and specifically the OpenPPG project. It’s in the April edition of the magazine. Jeff used my machine to collect material for the articles.
Great exposure for the project.


I am based in germany, is it also available online, by any chance ?

Yes, they have a hard copy and a digital copy of the magazine. You will need to subscribe to get it though.

Hi Simloop Great article and Floodgates should be Opening for OpenPPG…You Beat me to it Letting people Know this Project has gotten a great write up In X Country mag decent Number of pages devoted to this , so that’s gotta be good stuff … Had my Mag 5 days ago and only just opened it , Saw the Small picture in index and thought Whoa , for get the rest went straight to see what Jeff had to say , Then recognised your Picture LOL .

Well done for getting that man on board …Open PPG rocks

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Sounds good – can someone post the article when it comes out if allowed – I dont want to get a subscription for what looks like a great mag I am sure, but for a mostly “freeflying” – if it were mostly about PPG I would subscribe.


I havent read the article yet but heres it featured in the April teaser

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Here is the article: Cross Country Magazine OpenPPG Article.pdf (2.6 MB)


Good read. Jeff did a great job on the article!