Convert my trike to Electric

I currently have a Grazhopper V9 with Moster 185 Dual start and would like to convert it over to electric.

It seems like a good place to start understanding all of this is to get a schematic for the SP140 (or something else) and then see about adapting it to my trike. I have searched around this site and have not found any schematics. Are there any somewhere?


I have started building up electric drive unit all done but still waiting for batteries to come to better power to weigh ration But it looks like It is not happening during my life time as I am 70 this month
I have used Alien Technology 25KW motor with 28S 500A ESC this can direct drive prop of 120 130cm It have been tested using lower capacity power pack on the ground getting about 65Kg thrust
Its ill require 96-120volt Batteries
I am thinking of selling this as being pensioner now Can’t further invest in the project So may be consider selling this

Sorry, been sidetracked elsewhere. I’m still learning about all of this, so not sure I’m ready to buy anything yet. That said, I went and found: Alien Power Systems 120100/S 25kW motor, which I assume is the correct item. I can find no specs on what the max rpm is at continuous use, max rpm, or rpm/v. Do you have any paperwork that provides that info.