Conservation without borders

3000 miles around Brittan in electrical paramotor!

Hopefully they show also there technology!

If someone has technical inside information to share that would be great.


Regarding the wings, I can say that she will probably fly the dudek solo. i recommended this wing to her for the project in march. Regarding the power unit, just let yourself be surprised. otherwise it is not exciting. there is sure to be a very good live documentary where you will see details.

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That is a bold project. Respect!
… and +1 for creating media awareness in a good cause.

3000 miles / 4800 km will require a great ground team that is waiting for you every 45 to 60 minutes with a fresh battery, if a similar capacity to the SP140 4kW big pack is used.
If Sacha is very well train she might be able to take off and land safely with two of them, but never the less I guess it will require at least 100x battery swapping to fly 3000 miles.

I am sure she will make it and hopefully also without any engine trouble or maintenance. That fact itself would have the potential to cause some petrol focused PPG pilots to rethink.

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