Collaboration wanted for new throttle

Hey everyone,

I am working with a expert coding and electronics tech to design a throttle with a color display and haptic feedback. Looking for help in the 3D design of the throttle body, preferably in Fusion 360, or another program that can interface with that. We will open source our development. thanks Peter

I think a display that shows up in bright sunlight would be more important than anything else. Color or no color.
But yeah I’m interested. Already made my own throttle-that-doesn’t-suck.

Hey, do you have any CAD files? The display we will use can be read in flying conditions…

They are shared here already.

It’s not elegant but it works great and it won’t break. If i had to do it over again, i think i might flip the mechanism upside down so the bulky part is under your wrist, and move the arm/disarm button to the bottom so you can double-tap the whole thing on your knee.

Thoughts on using e-ink? I’ve considered it since we don’t fly at night anyways and no need for a backlight

e-ink refresh rate is not spectacular. It’s cool because once it’s set it does not require input to remain looking how it does, but it takes a little bit of time to change the pixels. Might not be the greatest when numbers need to rapidly change. I haven’t played with it in years though, maybe it has improved speedwise.