Coaching ppg at the south shore

You will not see my OpenPPG in flight because my camera read empty by the time I was ready to fly. I filmed the Motor-heads I was helping last weekend and put this little vid together of a fun cold day at the Long Island south shore in New York. You will spot the OpenPPG from place to place and hear a couple tiny “beeps” at the very end telling me it was time to fly. The camera shut off during the inflation😩.
About half of those guys are waiting for the SP-140 and you will know one of the reasons why at minute 0:40 :joy:


Thank you for the cool video

Why do you use the blue tape at the net?

Blue tape: I had designed a hoop reinforcement system which actually works pretty well but because it is made of 4 aluminum strips (one for each quadrant overlapping the original junctions points), the ends of the bent strips were catching the lines during forward inflations. I was getting really frustrated by this problem limiting me to only do reversed. I tried various contraptions that were getting to complicated when one day I spotted a roll of blue tape in my shop. It was the solution because it is thin and would shape like a ramp from the top of the original hoop tubing to the surface of the aluminum strips about 3mm thick😃 It is not the prettiest thing to look at but that is the least of my concerns. Now, the lines glide right over the tape and the glider can keep climbing overhead.

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