Circuit Diagram for Batch 6 Throttle Controller


I broke both connectors on the Throttle PCB and dislodged and lost the R5 resistor.

I may repair it, not sure - some lifted track.

Does anyone know the value of the R5 resistor or access to the circuit diagram?

I am trying to purchase a replacement but have had no reply yet?


Hi Dan,
Its a 10Kohm 0402 resistor.

Here’s the complete controller BOM

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Hi Zach
thanks for the info.

I do wish to purchase a new throttle controller. Do you have them in stock?
How do I go about it?


They will be back in stock in a few weeks.
You can get just the controller here

cheers Zach, thanks for the prompt reply - throttle ordered.


my throttle controller arrived with some little extras - nice.
All installed and working fine.

This time I protected the throttle cable with some PVC wire wrap - 4mm.


A bit easier than opening up the throttle, putting on a cable sleeve and re anchoring the cable inside the throttle.

Thanks Dan.