Chris 's batch 4 build log

Looks like I have to wait a little more for my batch4 delivery… Never-less I am super excited and started today with my battery open enclosure:
Total weight 10.8 kg with rails (10.2 kg are the 4 x 22000mAh 6s lipo’s)

Just simple alu rails:

For transport and storage I bought a Dewalt Stak 17inch storage box:

I will do the same for my 4 x 16000mAh lipo’s so I can quickly exchange or fly with all 8. The 4 x 16000 are only 7.8 kg!


Looks nice! Are those rails designed specifically for those thumb screws?

Thank you…

No, they are for 1/4 hex bolts etc.

The thumb screws fit perfect - stainless steel 12mm wide (alu rails are 12.06 mm inside), 4mm metric…


Dang nice one!!

Can you please post links to where you purchased the thumb screws and rails?

I got everything from ebay:
Alu rails:

Looks like the thump screws I bought for 90 cent a piece are out of stock - but these are the same:

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Thanks tarifachris ordered similar to what you posted from Amazon. What are you doing for the stops at the end of the rails?