Chevy Volt Battery Module


The Chevy Volt HV pack is made of multiple modules, as is usual in the EV industry. Some of those modules are conveniently 12S…

Here is a 2.3kWh module for sale:

Pros: Cheap, high quality LG chem cells, 12S with connector for balancing.

Cons: Would have to figure how to package it to the OpenPPG. May not be a good form factor. On the heavy side (likely due to packaging the liquid cooling system…).

This has a specific energy of around 140Wh/kg.

The 20 amp hour 6S Hobbyking Multistar packs are at 185Wh/kg.

Every bit counts here, but something to consider.


I added it to the battery list. In terms of price performance this one blows everything else out of the water; it’s just big and heavy.


Any idea how much the individual modules weigh (I know they are different sizes and Ah’s, also know the total battery with case weighs about 400 lbs)?

Also, at what amp draw will the battery require cooling?