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New member here and first post. I flew fighters in the US military, ride motorcycles long distances and am just retired. I have NOT taken training yet on PPG’s.

My idea, pull a small trailer with my motorcycle and carry a PPG to fly around where I happen to be. I am going to Europe too on a RTW trip.

Enough of that. My question. Is is possible to charge the batteries off of my motorcycle electrical system? I currently charge via USB my phone, iPad, etc.

I could of course charge off the plugs in hotels, hostels, campgrounds etc…

12v system on the KLR 650. My understanding is that I have about 100w of charging capability while cruising at all speeds.


There’s 6S and 7S, the 7S shows a voltage of 25.9V so we’re looking at 25.9V X 22Ah = 570 Watt-hour per brick. I believe most are flying with 4 Bonka batteries which is 2,280 Watt-hour. At a 100 Watt charging rate you will need to ride for 22.8 hours.

Those are the batteries on the SP140? 22 hrs if getting the entire 100 watts extra from my alternator. Half that would be twice the time. See, a history major is quick! That’s 3 to 4 day’s of riding at max output. Maybe a wind powered generator too.

Seems slightly hard to do.

Yeah, I think most people underestimate the sheer amount of power it takes to charge these batteries.

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You could put a light and cheap gas driven generator in that trailer and load your batteries with that 220 volt if you are camping

Or you take the batteries to the hotelroom and load it there.

Or you load them in a restaurant if you go for dinner …

Lots of possibilties

Such a generator is surprisingly cheap - about 200 us dollars light and relatively small.

Looked at the store - the batteries for the SP140 are listed at 2.2kWh for the 1/2 hour and 4kWh for the 1 hour. 2.2kWh (2,200 Watt-hour) would take 22 hours @ 100 Watt, the 4kWh (4,000 Watt-hour) would take 40 hours @ 100 Watt.

Not a ppg yet but a sailor hoping to get into the sport in near future. I’ll contribute this as a warning for alternators and lithium battery charging. Not withstanding the amps vs time to charge, it is possible to blow your alternator when BMS disconnects from batts. There are solutions. Not sure of ppg batt chemistry but typical lithium issues.

Hope this helps. Admire your journey! My plan is to go ppg to carry on boat.
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If I’m understanding the above, even the 4kWh can be charged in about 3 hours from a regular home outlet. (Presumably the same would be true of a hotel or campground or restaurant.) So not ready immediately, but not something where you have to be scrounging up every possible minute either. Is that correct, according to people’s experience?

Might be worthwhile looking at an adapter to use EV chargers. There would be plenty of watts available.

Would this work and what adapter to charge the batteries? OK, history major here…LOL