Charging li-ion packs

a general note for the use of li-ion technology. Several years of experience in various areas of drive technology have brought us knowledge independent of manufacturer data sheets of the cell manufacturers. batteries are stored the fully charged ones are fully charged for a longer period of time in warm rooms the cell dies much earlier. so my tip: if you can’t fly because maybe the weather is worse than expected. Let the motor run for a while if you have the opportunity to take the pressure off the cells. or build you a device that can discharge exactly on storrrage volts. has the advantage that the next time the loading is only short :slight_smile: your cells will be grateful for it. modern eppg have a battery maintenance program installed in the charger. as well as in the area of ​​profi e motocross, profi e -foil etc. for hobby amateur areas there will be soon when the demand comes. the manufacturers of chargers are flexible and do it without any problems. Technically it is only 1 button to press the “storrage” function. you can’t make anything wrong. because a modern eppg always recognizes the battery when it starts and would say to the pilot in the display : you forgot to charge in the start check display. please plug the battery into the charger for a few more minutes. Professionals in eppg can of course regulate everything manually. works just as well. for simple users, a plug-and-play version is always better.