Charger fault 101V

My charger displays 101V as soon as I turn on the supply power and prior to connecting the battery
Once I connect the battery nothing happens. No current. No charging. I think the charger is faulty

Your battery has likely went to sleep, or is already fully charged.

Try the following things:

Plug the battery into your paramotor and see how charged it is. If its already at 98+ volts, then the charger isn’t charging it because its full.

Also download the SmartBMS app from the app store and enable bluetooth. THat way you can connect to your battery. Plug it into the charger and immediately open the app, you should see the battery there and you can connect to it. If it’s not charging it will tell you why, likley one cell group is already above 4.2V or whatver your configured max cell voltage is. If there is any other issue with the bms you will see it there.

If none of those steps work, the the battery probably went to a sleep mode and the BMS wont wake. Open the top cover of the battery and find the little disk shaped communication module. Pres and hold the only button on there, then try and detect it in the app. If the app detects it plug it into the charger and it should charge.

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I have tested the battery with the motor and it is still functioning as normal. The problem seems to be with the charger. As stated the green light on the charger to show battery is full and the display shows 101.3V before I connect it to the battery

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Is this the first time you’ve used this charger? I ask as I had similar behavior with mine after having the connector replaced with the newer Anderson style terminals. I stupidly had an electronics shop change it out instead of trusting myself to handle it – They ended up having the +/- swapped.

Thankfully, the charger and/or battery are smart enough to handle that scenario without fuss, but the behavior was the same – The charger didn’t seem to register the battery being connected at all.

Maybe a quick sanity check that the blue wire is going to negative, and the brown wire to positive? :slight_smile:

Showing 100v when the battery is not plugged in this is normal and standard for all chargers. So from what you have shown here the charger looks to be functioning normally and as intended.

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