Carrying the PPG


I made a custom sleeve for the hoop and grabbed a backpack to make it all fit neatly inside without too much trouble. Includes a full size harness, batteries, reserve parachute, helmet, snacks. It carries well if a remote site has to be reached to launch.


Would you care to share the name,type/model of the backpack as well as build (eh, sewing) instructions for the hoop-sleeve?

(just kidding for the sewing instructions)


Hi Etienne,
Any standard PG bag should do - just need to play with it. I just happened to have one from ITV color matching the PPG.

As for the hoop sleeve, it is made of felt material which is easy to work with and soft (will not scratch the hoop coating). Included in the sleeve are the three small sections from the base of the cage. The PG bag side compression straps work fine to hold the hoop sleeve in place. The harness side is facing the pilot’s dorsal part of the backpack (soft against soft). Once folded in, there is a space large enough inside the CF frame to add all kinds of stuff - tight though but manageable. Additionally, the outer zipping pocket of the backpack can also accept additional gear if needed. This particular backpack also has a small zipping pocket on the waist strap for keys and small articles, and a side netted pocket for snacks, or a water bottle. The only part to be careful about is where the base of the CF frame is in contact with the backpack Cordura material - the sharp edges even if rounded, which I did with a Dremel soft brush, are still aggressive and could possibly abrade the bag’s fabric. An easy fix would be to insert a strong soft padded layer between the CF and the Cordura.
Softening the CF edges: To be done outside with a fan blowing behind you - the CF dust is so fine - you do not want to breath that stuff.