Carbon fiber chasis

I am looking foer a CBF frame and cage for a petrol paramotor and I was thinking that maybe I could
use the open PPG cage and frame for this project.
Is it possible to buy only the cage and frame?

You can get just the frame if you want but I don’t think it would adapt very well to bolting a motor on the back, but you can experiment if you want.

I was looking at the Plastic Renegade frame when I was going to do my own single prop electric - cant imagine doing a single prop anymore - it is already set up to take most ICE motors i think.

Renegade Paramotor.

How much does it weigh and cost?
Shipping to Spain

Yeah, I took a look at it but I’m not sure plastic is strong enough…
And I don’t know how heavy it is.

It is already a proven paramotor cage – so I am not sure what your putting on it that would need more strength – with a Moster unit weighs in at 62 pounds which is typical I think…?
It is designed for an ICE and thus as strong or I would be stronger than this carbon fiber for mounting an ICE.

I think the cage is the least of your problems – wanting an ICE motor is your main issue…repair repair repair :grinning:

Good luck in your quest.

You might want to look at the Yooda frame.


Looks great, but it doesn’t say how much it weighs :frowning:

I’ve sent an e-mail