Carabiner does not hit stated loading on test

New video from Tucker is interesting, he partnered with the guy that tests mountain climbing gear and it shows the air extreme carabiners our units come with failing a lot sooner than most.

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I watched the video, and the fake logo Air extreme ones in the video do look like they are painted over and rebranded and the others are steel that fail low. So not the same as what comes with the units. The one that are probably the most similar are the Woody Valley or the supair as they are the same design and material.

And for refence we order ours from Apco Aviation here A4901-3T: Twist Lock karabiner - Apco Aviation Ltd. and not on AliExpress.

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All my biners are the stainless steel from SUPAIR. Never had an issue so far after decades of use PG/PPG/Towing.

Also, for reference, just 1kn = 224.8lb or 102kg of force. Paragliders of course split that across 2 carabiners.

Interesting video…it made way more sense after they started using straps rather than ropes.

I am comfortable with these:

And these:

…just personal preference.:wink:


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