Can the open ppg be used on 5000ft elevation?

Hello Guys,
I live on 5000 ft (1500 m) and was wondering if the open ppg provides enough power to launch easily on this altidude.
Thank you

I live in Utah at 4500 feet and it works perfectly


Perfect. Thank you!

Great thing with electricity is that it works exactly the same at any altitude.
Thinner air creates less lift but also less drag. Your take off run will be longer especially on really hot days. Keep your batteries warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Several times I made a flight along and over a ridge south east of Annecy in France, where Mount Charvin is the highest point at 2.500 meter. To reach that height and then still have enough power remaining for a nice trip, I always took the car to a height of 1.500m, and started from there.
I didn’t notice any difference in starting behaviour compared to starting in the valley at 400m. Even with hardly any wind it went well.