Can mount to existing non carbon fiber frame?

I want an electric paramotor, but I have reservations about the current frame

  • Engineering Overhead: The frame is very impressive. However it does not have the thousands of hours of testing of other frames you can buy off the shelf.
  • Strength: Carbon Fiber frames, (like the scout), are notorious for not taking butt landings well.
  • Battery Placement: The batteries are dangerously close to the props with no protection. High chance of fire if prop strikes the batteries.

Instead of buying a new frame, could the electronics be adapted to an existing aluminium/titanium frame?

I envision a mounting bracket that would attach to the exiting motor mounts. The batteries could go where the fuel tank normally goes so they are away from the props.

I think it would be more dangerous to modify a frame to add four motors in a location where there is currently just net than to use a frame designed around the motors being used.

The props won’t strike the batteries during flight. There’s plenty of clearance and rigidity to guarantee that.

Yes, what you want to do is possible but you would probably end up spending more and may even end up with a machine that’s much more dangerous.

The current frame also has places for the wiring which you won’t find with a frame intended for gas.

I don’t want to go into more detail of the concerns of the frame as to not distract from the real reason for my question.

What I’m purposing is that the OpenPPG be offered in a second ‘frameless’ product.

The dimensions of some (if not all motor) mounts is 156mm (~6.1 inches).

Design Idea 1

Use carbon fiber tubes for the motor mounts. Sandwich the tubes between carbon fiber plates that then mount to the motor attachment points.

This would be a simple design that would mount to most motor frames.

Design Idea 2

Scale down the current curved arm design. The curves of the arms would put the motors further away from the mounting point, so they have more clearance from the netting.

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Looks like you got it all figured out. I’m sure you could get it to work. If you want to purchase all the components just send a message to Paul (Pdwhite). I look forward to seeing your final build.

I did it. I really like a specific frame and i got my hands on an older open ppg paramotor that was missing most of the frame pieces. So I just transferred the electronics over, sort of like what you want to do.


I have to agree with spuder on the build quality. It would be preferable if the next batch/model would have motor arms(whatever they’re called, I’m new to paragliding) and the frame be made out of a stronger, yet relatively light, material as the carbon fiber will easily get scratched and damaged from unintentional landings. It would also be important for safety(shallow build quality can make you paranoid if you’re at high altitudes). Maybe reinforce the frame better along with that? Idk, but I definitely think there should be a material upgrade for the hoop and arms

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