Building a powered parachute (Buckeye) with OpenPPG

Hey guys,

I fly the heavier version of the PPG, the buckeye. It’s allot heavier, bigger and requires allot more power to move.
These machines usually have Rotax 2/4 strokes engines, 64" props and weigh around 500 pounds. We use 500-550 squared feet parachutes.

I have 2 questions if I may:

  1. Is it possible to build a power system that can produce enough thrust (300-350 pounds) for a buckeye?
  2. I am wondering what will happen if one prop breaks while the motor is in full power. Wouldn’t that create a crazy torque?

I once lost two props on the same side during flight at full throttle, only slight twisting, and was able to manage it (under power) for the rest of the flight for a safe landing at the LZ.

I’m curious, why did you lose two props?

I was testing a mount for the carbon fiber props that didn’t work.

I found this Electric Gyrocoptor a long while back — looks like he never finished it, well, at least never published anything else on youtube. Looks like lots of thrust, which would be needed for a Gyro.
I am thinking the Lithium Titanate batteries are the way to go for an dedicated trike build.
Good luck in your endeavour.