Build Log frame assembley


Can’t wait to mount the electronics and secure down the frame with loctite.


Looks sick!!! what do you plan on doing for the netting?


Is this the latest OpenPPG incarnation? It looks a little different from the original. Arms are beefier, not so streamlined?


This isn’t part of the OpenPPG design, maybe @Lukas will elaborate?


If you take a look at the date of the original post, it’ll make more sense.

This photo is actually my first serious drone frame that has it’s roots planted very close to this OpenPPG project. This post is more than just a bit of a piss-take. It’s a tribute to what this is going to grow into. Stay with me. History lesson follows.

Back in 2010 there was a thread started on the RCgroups forum that rocked the community. MultiWiiCopter – build your own flight controller.

Everything was super-affordable including instructions to go to K-Mart and purchase a Nintendo Wii nun-chuck controller. You had to open it up and slice the accelerometers and gyros off the board and interface with a new (at the time) micro-processor.
A small cottage industry was started with Alexinparis supplying blank PCB’s for enthusiasts to solder these components onto. Below is a pic of my first flight controller.

Arduino was the microprocessor of choice and some Noble Pioneers wrote code for an Open Source Community. It took information from the sensors cut off the Wii, interpreted RC commands from the controller and outputted PWM to the motors ESC’s. Holy shit! It worked. We now have multi-rotors (drones – I hate that term)

CAD files for frame design were shared. Garage CNC’s spun the world over, until eventually full-blown businesses were selling multi-rotor kits.
DJI was born shortly after and threw a team of professional engineers at it. Their very first product was the NAZA flight controller. Oh Man, was it good. They transitioned the technology from tech savvy enthusiasts into the hands of the layman. With more and more refinement, look where they are now!
Just remember what started it all.

Thanks for reading this far.

My point being, a massive hats off to the guys that got this project off the ground.
I can’t wait to see what it grows into and look forward to writing similar nostalgia about this in another 8 years.
Really happy to be on board for round 2 and can’t wait for what may come.

Link for those interested–

The thread that gave birth to the multi-rotor DIY’s

*Disclaimer – This is how I remember it anyway.


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