Broken throttle lever X4

I was putting on the X4 to fly and broke my throttle lever, is this a 3d printable item? The lever snapped at the base of the throttle body. I cannot find throttle STL files on the site or Github.


Do you have a picture of the broken part?
The sp140 is the only one with a throttle lever piece

Sorry not sure what you call it. The throttle stick?

Oh man, you broke the pot.

The shaft is hollow, which is why it breaks easily. The spring is within the shaft (so if you take it off, be careful to not let the spring fly away).

I’ve repaired one of mine by replacing the spring with a machine screw. Does work well but you then need an external spring to pull the lever back up.

Repair or replace, you will need to desolder it from the control board.

It is the most expensive part in the controller, around $35 last time I had to buy one…

I keep the external spring on now all the time as I find control of the “stiffer” throttle more controlled. Also keeps me from burying the throttle all the time :smiley:


Thanks yeah just pulled mine apart to inspect and can see it’s not easily fixable. Looks like my upgraded avionics for my x4 just shipped, I think that comes with new throttle luckily won’t be down too long. I’ll try and repair this one or order spare in case happens again to new controller.

Sadly my new remote dropped to the ground again and broke the throttle stick, basically same place as my first. I’ve ordered two extra now from Mouser site, but man this annoying. Anyone else having this problem. Either i’ve just had bad luck the last couple weeks or these throttles are brittle. Will be designing and printing a cover box for the throttle to take off right before flight so this never happens again.

I’m also wondering if we could do a redesign to this throttle so it is like the single prop Openppg?

This is my only major complaint with the X4. I have had this same issue a few times along with it being in the way and not ideal throttle for a nil wind forward launch.

I would love a throttle similar to the SP140. Has anyone come up with a way to adapt or convert the SP140 throttle to work with the X4? Could someone smarter than me please try? I would be willing to fund someone that has the skills and the equipment to design and produce a more tradition and sturdy X4 throttle that is similar to the SP140 throttle. Any takers?

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Mine did not. I had to pull it from my dead controller board and solder it into the new one. However you have shown Zach that the pot is the part you broke so maybe they shipped you one. Bad news is USPS may take 6 weeks or more. I’m still waiting for some hoop joiners that speed in the first week of June. The package just got into Canada yesterday! Edit - left Toronto today, July 10.

Also I’ve installed that thumb pad flat side up to help prevent it from catching a line. So far I’ve not broken that plunger - knock wood - although it has been dropped once or twice.

Also, I wish a better term for it than “throttle” would find its way into public usage: Power stick? Attenuater? Thrust pot? Volume? Shover?

I would also help fund new remote.

Second time it broke I had handle velcro’d to the cage but velcro came loose as was walking to take off spot, dropped and snapped off like butter.

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FYI is very quick to get this part. Delivered in 3 business days in Canada free shipping.


I installed the new throttle sensor, no problems, when re-assembling the throttle body I plugged in display port, was loose and popped off the board, two of the pins from the connector came off the board so not fixable. I compared the connector to the previous throttle board, it was soldered on the sides of the connector to the board giving it a stronger connection to board, the new one does not have this, only soldered to the pins so it is much weaker, just thought i’d share this so others be super careful with this connector if you are connecting/disconnecting it.

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Here’s protection cover I made for the X4 throttle stick. Just notch out in the throttle handle for the bumps for cover to keep it in place.

X4 throttle stick cover.stl (18.3 KB)


Remove before flight? Cool.

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