Broken strap fixation. Where to find V3.2 Throttle stl file?

When I set up my openppg today for a flight, I noticed that the lower fixation for the hand strap of the throttle controller had broken off. Did that happen to others too? Has anybody modified the model to thicker material, because there is no real reason to make it so thin? Especially since 3D printed material is not super solid and has a wood like structure, which breaks off easily if the force by accident comes from the wrong direction.

Also are the latest elastic handstraps which we got from Paul 15mm wide instead of 20mm, which means that the cut out for the strap can now be 5mm less, which almost doubles the material at the weak spot.

I tried to find the STL models of the batch 3.0/3.2 throttle controller casings, so I could quickly 3D print repair parts and get flying again (and reinforce the model a little). But at our GitHub I could only find the old batch 2 parts. Or do I look at the wrong place?

OpenPPG GitHub Mechanical library

Actually none of the mechanical batch 3 and 4 modifications are on GitHub. Isn’t OpenPPG open source anymore?

I also read all threats on “throttle controller”, hoping to find a link to the V3.2 throttle models, but only found the old models (plus nice alternatives invented by the forum).

So it looks that I have to glue my old throttle, if I don’t want to wait long for a shipping from the US. Which then raises the question whether the parts are PLA or PETG, because they require different glue (when it has to be strong). Does anybody know?

Has there been changes to the throttle model for the latest batches? If so I hope they get uploaded to github soon as im sure many including myself will need it. I want to print one out with the new non planar printing technique.

Also I think its PLA and not PETG. (but not 100% sure).

Actually I overlooked the most simple solution to fix the broken strap fixation;

  • Grind the surface smooth, where the parts broke off.
  • Disassemble the throttle controller so you get the left and right half separate.
  • Take a metal saw or dremel to cut a new slot for the strap in both halves of the controller.
  • Grind it smooth with a mini file.
  • Assemble the controller again,

If you replace the original stiff wide strap by the new type with elastic narrow band, you have the advantage that you can make the slot less deep, because the strap is less wide, which leaves much more material for the strength of the connection. Plus at the new location the material is much thicker anyway. Plus the plastic is now weakened now by a hole drilled through, for the M2x25mm bolt.
The remaining 5 bolts appear to make the unit stiff enough to keep the slot closed.
And whatever you do with your hand in the strap, it cannot build up too much force anymore to break the plastc. Because the elastic strap belt will just extend more without increasing force.

Cut a new slot in both halves.

File the slot smooth and matching with the other side.

The new smaller slot is stronger than the original wider slot in the (unnecessary) thinner end of the ear:


PS: The same can be done to the strap fixation at the top of the throttle controller, in case that one breaks off.


For those who want to know what is inside the V3.2 Throttle Controller, but are too lazy to open it :slightly_smiling_face::