Brand new Open PPG V3.2: SOLD


I have an absolutely new, beautiful 3.2 machine, fully decked out with 4 22,000 mAh Bonka batteries, dual charger, battery mounting installed, upgraded throttle wire, slings, biners, and flight tested for about 25 minutes. Other than that, absolutely new condition. Stupid pretty.

I don’t want to sell, but the fact is… I’m too big.

6’2", 250 lbs… she has plenty of power for me, but I really had to work to get into the machine. It’s not my height I don’t think… its how round. The arms are really close to each other… for me… and it just made it hard to find the shoulder harness, then somehow pry my hand/arm backward enough to sneak into it. It was hard to feel between the arms and my sides for the harness hardware to tie myself in. It was pretty frustrating, taking me a couple of attempts before I was successful.

If you’re 210 lbs or less… not going to be an issue. Maybe summer clothes would have made it much easier… but being winter I did have to wear a jacket.

I spent extra to have the machine built by Open PPG, so you don’t get better than that… I also purchased their split leg harness…

Batteries, charger, connector, biners, slings, battery straps/velcro, etc… + the Pre-built machine set me back $5,500.

I’ll take a $500 hit on it… so $5K plus shipping.

Drop me a line…


I’m new here, and have only just joined the OpenPPG community. Do I understand correctly that you are selling your paramotor unit without a parasail? Thus, all I would need in addition is to acquire a sail (and maybe a bit of training) and I’m airborne? Where would you be shipping from? I’m located in Israel.

Edited addition: I see from another post here that you are located somewhere in California and that I did understand correctly that I would need to purchase a “wing”. I don’t suppose you’d care to offer a recommendation to a newbie for a suitable model to purchase? I’ve seen a couple options on the OpenPPG website, but I’m at the very beginning of my research into this sort of purchase.

Still available? Pics? Definitely interested.

Sent you a PM

Howdy, yes… just posted last night… and added pictures. There’s interest in it already though from a few people and an offer for trade (but I declined as I’m not looking to trade).

Hello, yes, a wing and training is all that you’d need. Helmet would be wise as well. The Ozone Roadster II is a very good beginner to intermediate wing, and is suitable to learn on, and has the features/performance to grow with you for a good while.

Best regards.

Have you yet done any research into shipping requirements? For example, how large a box would be needed (allowing room for any protective padding)? I tried to guess, seeking some sort of online info about approximate shipping cost, but I don’t have all the info requested to obtain such an estimate, such as where in CA is your starting location (my destination is a residence near Jerusalem, Israel). Also needed for such an estimate is the total weight. And then there remains a small matter of how to accomplish payment, which would likely be easiest as a direct bank transfer, which would require us to take this conversation to a more private medium.

Can you show the details of your battery mounting system?

Added a couple of battery pics. The velcro on the plate does at least half of the work… giving really positive location to battery placement, then the sheer amount of it holds quite well. The straps do the job of preventing any bounce or bump from taking advantage of the mass of the batteries to pry themselves away. Really happy with how it turned out, given the simplicity. No mods/cuts or anything like that for this system, using only the slots pre-cut for that purpose.

I am interested to buy it, do you know the cost to shipping to the woodlands Tx?. how much flight time do those batteries give?

Howdy… shipping to me was $118 I think… but we’d have to ship the batteries +charger too… (separately). That might give you an idea.

I didn’t run the batteries dry (or even low) when I tested the system… the OpenPPG web site says 20-40 minutes, but I’m hearing from other pilots that it’s closer to the low end of that range (no surprise there… such things are generally over-estimated).

PM sent: would like to purchase

I see a new prebuilt v. 3.2 with 4 batteries apparently unused cost the vendor $5500. So for 8- batteries iI guess the cost would have been $6,500.
On the other side of the equation : no gas/oil costs (although The batteries would depreciate); less maintenance; presumably better reliability; less pollution.
But you would still need to be Hercules to carry that 70lbs around and 35-40 minutes is very little power on air time.
It’s not simple is it?